Creating and maintaining a well-designed and high-quality website is paramount for any business operating in today's world. More than $300 BILLION is lost each year due to poor website design. Web design is much deeper than just creating a compelling landing page; It's the combination of expert UX and UI that drives your visitors to convert and allows the backend of your site to maintain equilibrium.

We pride ourselves on creating engaging websites that convert visitors into long-term customers. With the help of Sturdy Digital, we will help conceptualize, create, and implement the website your business deserves, offering a range of plans that work best for your online business. Whether it be the initial UX/UI setup of your site, to consistent site management, Sturdy has you covered.




Visuals are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to web design, but also one of the most important aspects that cannot be overlooked. On average, a customer will spend less than 10 seconds on your page to determine if you're worthy of their business or not. 10 seconds! As a designer, it's our job to create vibrant and captivating landing pages that will persuade your visitors to learn more and view the rest of the site.

Our team will work with you to conceptualize and workshop the vision you have for your website to deliver the results you want as well as maintain brand consistency across the site.


Yes, your site may ~look~ beautiful, but is it easy to navigate? Can visitors easily get from point A to point B without frustration? If your visitors need a "How To" guide on how to access one of your pages, you're in desperate need of a redesign.

As an agency that specializes in web design, we put ourselves in the minds of consumers and take the same journeys they would when visiting your website.


Your website may look phenomenal on a desktop, but does it convert on mobile? Tablet? Mobile Landscape? This design area is often overlooked and can be costing your business thousands per month. For this, we keep your target audience in mind. If you're driving traffic to a landing page through an advertisement on Instagram, your priority should be to have these pages optimized for mobile devices, since over 90% of your overall traffic will be on mobile or tablet.

With Sturdy, we can assure you that your pages will be captivating across all mediums.


Every website has a purpose, and the vast majority of sites are looking for visitors to be long-term interactors with their content. So, creating funnels within your website is pivotal to the success of your business. At Sturdy, the 5-step funnel process is at the heart of each and every web design.

Whether you're a freelancer looking for clients, an eCommerce site, a law firm, or anything in between; our 5-step funnel process will always have your business at the forefront of your web design.

what makes us different?

At Sturdy, our primary goal is to provide business owners with the ability to have full control over their mediums.

Traditional digital marketing companies have a tried and true business model when it comes to website building. You purchase their website-building service for tens of thousands of dollars, and they develop your site with complex HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even Python, you then realize these skills are beyond the scope of anyone's work in your business. At this point, you've already paid for your brand new site and you now need someone to constantly update your homepage, blog, etc. Thus, placing you and your business in tandem with an overpriced web developer.

At Sturdy, we provide our clients with creative, turnkey websites using online website-building platforms that are significantly easier to learn than traditional coding. Depending on your desires, we will design sites within Webflow (preferred), SquareSpace, Shopify, Wix & more! We use our extensive UX and UI expertise to build a fully editable website template that can easily be transferred to YOU!

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