At Sturdy, we offer a variety of solutions that can put the power of your website in your own hands. Creating a well-designed and engaging website is easier than ever with online platforms in today's day and age. By choosing Sturdy, you have the ability to eliminate the need for having a designated website developer, who you're paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for! Yet, if you're still in need of a website manager, Sturdy is happy to help!

We provide our clients with turnkey websites using the latest and greatest online website building platforms that are significantly easier to learn than traditional coding. We prefer to build our client's websites on Webflow or Squarespace. The site that we use will be entirely dependent on how advanced you'd like your website. However, we are always open to creating your website on the builder of your choice! Such as Wordpress, GoDaddy, Shopify, Wix & more. We use our extensive UX and UI expertise to build a fully editable website template that only takes a few hours to learn.



Building your website online has many advantages compared to the traditional route of website development. Let us reiterate that our goal is to give business owners the ability to manage their website themselves, if they so please. By creating your website on one of the many popular online website building services, business owners or current employees will only need to spend a handful of hours learning the interfaces of these platforms.

It's important to note that some of these sites are more complex than others, and the learning curve will vary based on how intricate you'd like your website to be. This very site, was built entirely on Webflow. Which is arguably one of the most powerful and immersive website builders on the market. We'll dive into the pro's and cons of each below.

Pros & cons


SquareSpace Logo


  • Extremely Easy to Learn & Use
  • Simple Interface
  • Cheap & Reliable Plans


  • Limited Functionality
  • No Third-party Apps or Plugins
  • CSS knowledge required for advanced features
Webflow Logo


  • Best UX & UI Tools on The Market
  • Incredibly Powerful & Advanced Features
  • Cheap & Reliable Plans
  • Most Responsive to mobile & tablet interfaces


  • More Difficult to Learn & Use
  • Traffic Limits on Some Plans