United Market is an Atlanta, Georgia-based SAAS startup that is connecting producers and artists using AI.

United Market
Founded in 2021
Atlanta, Georgia
Content Creation
Social Media
Adobe Creative Cloud
Short-Form Content

United Market

Client: United Market, an Atlanta-based startup connecting music producers with artists using cutting-edge technology

Challenge: Create a better online brand on social media using storytelling and relevant news to promote their service

Platforms: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts


  • Over 2 million views
  • All achieved in just 25 days

The Client's Challenge

United Market approached Sturdy Digital with the goal of improving their online brand on social media. They needed an agency capable of creating engaging and informative content centered around hip-hop and rap news and stories, ultimately converting followers into website visitors and customers.

Sturdy Digital's Approach

Sturdy Digital, renowned for its expertise in crafting compelling social media content, embraced the challenge. The agency focused on developing captivating content surrounding hip-hop and rap news and stories for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. Their goal was to gain followers and convert them into website visitors and customers for United Market.

Results and Impact

In just 25 days, Sturdy Digital's approach generated impressive results for United Market:

  • Over 2 million views

The audience greatly enjoyed the content and eagerly anticipated more, indicating a strong and engaged following.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Once again, Sturdy Digital's work with United Market reaffirmed the importance of consistency and persistence in social media marketing. The agency's commitment to producing high-quality content and adapting to audience preferences led to significant growth in United Market's online presence.

Sturdy Digital's successful campaigns for TicketRev, Backr Sports, and United Market demonstrate their expertise in social media marketing, proving that they are a reliable and effective choice for businesses looking to boost their online presence and drive results.