As the wise Bill Gates once said: "Content is king." Content creation is proven to be quite a success as a business model alone; we see this statement ring true for thousands of companies and creators across the globe that are making millions of dollars solely by entertaining the masses. Think of HubSpot, TED, Barstool Sports, and Mr. Beast... The list goes on and on. Content creation is a vital part of any business. Whether it beUGCfor social media, email blasts, or blogs; creating high-quality content can lead to substantially increasing your bottom line and gaining hundreds of thousands of users on your platform.

Our society is becoming more and more visual by the day, and your everyday customer can be easily persuaded to take action with compelling content and copywriting. In fact, just one email blast to one of your lists can result in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue (See example below)


Content Creation


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The Power of Short-Form Content

Short-form content is the new sheriff in town. As our attention spans continue to shorten, platforms like TikTok are seeing a massive increase in users. Companies like Instagram and YouTube are also taking part in the success as they've also built their own algorithm that follows the same premise (Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts).
With the help of Sturdy Digital, one of our startup clients has seen significant results. In just over a month working with Sturdy Digital, this company received over 2.6 million views, 19,000 profile views, 230,000 likes... just on TikTok! Not to mention, they also saw a massive increase in website traffic.

We Leverage All Platforms

Our content strategy doesn't stop at only TikTok. We leverage the power of all popular social media platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. While our content strategy proved to be a massive success with TikTok alone, we also saw immense results on YouTube and Instagram as well. In just over a month, the same startup company mention above reached over 1.4 million users, gained 52,600 likes, and gained over 1,000 subscribers!
If you're looking to finally take the next step in your content strategy, look no further than Sturdy Digital.


There's no denying that the quality of your content can and will make or break your business. If your emails, social media posts, or blogs aren't getting any engagement, you quickly need to re-strategize your content strategy.
The power of email marketing alone is shown here. This particular email was sent to a list of ONLY 149 HIGH QUALITY RECIPIENTS! Built with attention-grabbing graphics and compelling copy, we we're able to convert 66 orders on one product alone. This example proves that your business doesn't need to be a Fortune 500 company with an email list of 250,000 subscribers. In the case of email lists, it's quality over quantity.



Your email lists are the lifeline of your business. They are a versatile tool with the ability to create thousands of dollars in revenue and unmatched awareness. With experience in managing and maintaining email lists of hundreds of thousands of subscribers, Sturdy will completely manage and optimize your email with new aged tactics that are proven to convert


Maintaining a social media presence is a tedious task for many businesses out there. Traditionally, these roles have been outsourced to entry-level professionals looking to get their feet wet in the digital world, but have no real experience in growing an audience.. At Sturdy, we offer a variety of services to help you take your social media strategy to the next level.


Don't have the resources to afford an EIC? Look no further! Sturdy offers editorial solutions that can accelerate your content to convert. Whether it be a simple blog posting, or copy for an Instagram post; Sturdy is here to help you create the most compelling content imaginable. Take a look at our copywriting services through the button below.


As we've stated before; our goal is to put the power of digital marketing in the hands of business owners, if they so please. Templates are a perfect way for business owners to outsource their content creation needs for a one-time fee, which can then be re-vamped or entirely recreated in the future when it's time for a change!