The Best Content Strategy of 2022

As the great Bill Gates once said; "Content is King". If you're a business owner in today's climate, you know that creating and publishing your own content is essential to the success of your business. Creating quality content consistently can be a daunting task for online business owners. One way to make the process easier is to create several pieces of content from a single video. In this blog post, we'll show you the very best content strategy of 2022.


Over the last decade, our society has shifted into an almost entirely online world. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a cellphone these days. Children are basically born with an iPad in their hands now. Teenagers can't seem to separate themselves from their phones. Gen-Z to Baby Boomers has essentially accepted that their phones are just an extension of their bodies at this point. Even grandma has a phone in her hand! And with these devices comes social media. A constant flow of entertainment and information that seems infinite to any user. This is where businesses have a ginormous opportunity to capitalize.


Let's say you're the owner of a brand-new online fishing gear business. You've been fishing your whole life, and you've finally crafted the perfect tackle box for your everyday fisherman. As the owner of this business, you can go many ways with this. You can create vlogs of your fishing trips using your gear, you can create a video podcast with the best fishermen you know, you can create a YouTube video of "The BEST Tackle Box of 2022", and you can make a compilation of the biggest fish that have been caught using your gear. I think you're starting to get my point.


So you've created these long-form videos. Let's say they're anywhere from 20-40 minutes long. Now, you can repurpose these videos into 30 to 60-second-long segments of the best content from those videos and post them across social media. With the emergence of TikTok, every app known to man is attempting to replicate its business model. We have TikTok, Instagram & Facebook Reels, and YouTube shorts. Each of these platforms uses a relatively similar to TikTok and we already know why you should be using these for your content strategy. Now, by chopping the long-form video up into 30 to 60-second, easily consumable chunks, you have AT LEAST a month's worth of content to put on your content calendar.


By using this strategy, you're targeting potential customers from all angles. You have long-form videos that are getting traction from returning viewers and organic viewers on YouTube. Then you have your short-form videos that are making the rounds on these platforms, gaining hundreds of thousands, even millions of views per month. In turn, gaining you and your brand significant exposure to new potential customers. However, it is essential that you hire professionals like Sturdy who understand these platforms like they're the back of their hands.


You might be wondering if this content calendar strategy is actually feasible. The answer is yes! We’ve seen this work time and again for our clients. In fact, you can even outsource the video creation to a team of professionals (like us) while you focus on other aspects of your business. All you need to do is contact us through the button below and we’ll get started putting together a plan that works best for you.